Our Services

Agent Field Visits

Private Investigations Ltd can arrange for agents to make Field Visits anywhere in New Zealannd.

The agent can interview a subject, update their current contact and financial situations, obtain a written or recorded interview, complete a Statement of Means, request the Subject to make an Automatic Payment or Direct Debit form, negotiate with subject for ongoing payments and how to clear overdue amounts, deliver pre Possession letters, assess secured chattels they may be subject to repossession.

Document Servers & Process Servers

Private Investigations Limited can serve documents anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.  >> more advice


Private Investigations Ltd is a licensed repossession company whose staff hold Certificate of Approvals (COA) to be licensed Repossession Agents.

We can repossess cars, vans, boats, trucks, trailers plant of equipment from anywhere in the Waikato or Bay of Plenty regions.  >> more advice

Re-entry or Eviction

If you need assistance in re-entry or repossession of your commercial property, we can help arrange a peaceful solution.  >> more advice

Licensed Security Consultant

Private Investigations Ltd can visit your business or dwelling and assess your security requirements, and give you the appropriate advice.

We assess any potential security concerns relating to your processes or procedures within your business and give you advice on how to mitigate the risks.

Burglary & Theft

The Police are concentrating on offences against individuals and consequently your complaint of theft or burglary may not be their immediate priority at the time you lodge your complaint.

We understand that to you your complaint is of the greatest concern and that you would like the matter investigated and resolved as soon as possible.

We can assist you and the Police by conducting a site visit, making area inquiries, locating and interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence while the matters are still fresh in their minds and document these inquiries to assist in any Criminal or Civil proceeding.


Company Theft & Fraud

Private Investigations can conduct an independent investigation into any allegations of theft or fraud. >> more advice



Are you investigating a complaint or incident that requires staff or witnesses to be interviewed?  Private Investigations Ltd can assist, by providing experienced investigators to conduct the interviews and record any statements.


Relationship Issues

Private Investigations can offer peace of mind regarding unfaithful spouses, including surveillance, serving of Divorce Papers, Family Court Orders, Parenting Orders, matrimonial property, etc.

We can also assist with tracing of relatives, friends, missing persons. >> more advice


Insurance Claims

Private Investigations can check the facts, locate and interview witnesses, and help you make the decision of liability.


Pre-Employment Vetting

Private Investigations can assist you with background checks before you employ new staff – including character references and verification of credentials.



Private Investigations can assist in location bad debtors, lost relatives, old friends, missing persons, absent spouses.


Debt Recovery

Private Investigations LTD can assist you or your company to locate individuals, Directors or Shareholders of companies who owe you money.

When we locate these people we can have them served with Statutory Demands, Notices of Claim Property Law Act Notices (PLA) Bankruptcy papers, Summons, carry out repossession, or make Site Visits to obtain current updated contact details for debtor, complete Statement of Means, have an Automatic payment or Direct Debit signed or negotiate ongoing terms of payment.



Private Investigation Ltd can supply experienced surveillance personnel to conduct overt or covert surveillance within the Bay of Plenty or Waikato regions. >> more advice



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