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If you suspect any Dishonesty, Theft or Fraud by staff in your company please give us a call for an independent  investigation to confirm or negate your  concerns.

By having an independent investigation the company can remain in a neutral position until the allegation or concerns are proven or negated, and then take any appropriate action to firstly resolve the Employment situation and or if necessary any Criminal liability.

How to stop employee theft.

Theft by employees cost businesses millions of dollars every year. Estimates suggest about 95% of all businesses will experience employee theft at some time.


Look for Early Warning Signals of Dishonesty:

• Staff inconsistencies in explaining errors

• Bad temper, mood swings & behavior to discourage further questions

• Signs of substance abuse – a staff member with a habit needs more money

• Borrowing company money or property without permission

• Expensive habits, drinking, gambling, hobbies, fast cars

• Seen to spend excessively, beyond their income

• Bad attitude, complains about job and conditions to others, no respect

• Staff taking excessive time to complete simply reconciliations

• Staff reluctant to share information on tasks with work colleagues

• Staff reluctant to take leave they are entitled to.

On the surface this behavior may have the appearance that your staff are conscientious, but sometimes this behavior is because the staff member is trying to cover their tracks and need the extra time to do so.

If they take leave there is an inherent danger that any dishonest system or practices they have established may be picked up by the reliever, and the employer may note increased cash flow or productivity during that employee absence suggesting there is a problem in that area.


What can you do to deter theft by employees?

• Make sure all staff are aware that there is a zero tolerance to dishonesty, and that on every occasion any dishonesty will be treated as serious misconduct and may affect their continued employment with the company.

• Remind the staff that any dishonesty affects the company’s bottom line and everyone jobs

• Use video surveillance, especially at cash registers; tell staff about the cameras

• Screen job applicants’ backgrounds, interview thoroughly and check references before employing

• Improve job satisfaction and pay higher wages – attract better staff

• Insist staff provide a receipt for every transaction

• Get your employees involved in looking for theft, reward any reported incidents

• Ask your staff for suggestions to eliminate theft and improve systems

• If you suspect any dishonesty within your business it is imperative that you engage the services of a professional investigator to ensure you have all the relevant evidence to substantiate any possible grounds for dismissal or to forward to the Police if appropriate

• We can assist with advice and recommendations on your security procedures and policies to minimize any future risk.


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