Professional document serving & debtor field visits

Private Investigations 2017 is a well established firm that specialises in a professional, prompt and cost effective service for document / process serving / debtor field visit requirements in New Zealand and Australia, including remote areas.

We have a well-established network of agents covering all of New Zealand saving you time and money hunting one out at the nearest location. We manage the process, keep you updated and carefully ensure paperwork is correct, including completing affidavits.

We are authorised to serve criminal documents pursuant to the Summary Proceedings Act 1957.

We serve most documents within 48 hours of our agents receiving them.

Document serving for all legal documents

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Domestic & family related documents
  • New Zealand Family Proceedings Act 1980
  • Family Court orders
  • Property related documents
  • Statement of Claim, Notice of Proceeding, List of Documents Relied On
  • Protection orders
  • High Court proceedings
  • Witness Summons
  • Judgements
  • Insolvency related documents
  • District Court proceedings
  • Trespass notices
  • Orders for examination
  • Employment Court proceedings
  • Field visits & debt recovery

    We can assist you or your company to locate individuals, directors or shareholders of companies who owe you money and seek recovery. The agent will interview a subject / debtor, update their current contact and financial situation, obtain a written or recorded interview, complete a statement of means, request the subject to make a payment, set up an automatic payment or complete a direct debit form, negotiate with the subject for ongoing payments and how to clear overdue amounts, deliver pre possession letters and assess secured chattels that may be subject to repossession.

    Contact us for a quote or further information.

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