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Cheating Partners

There are so many signs that could mean your partner is cheating. One way to confirm this or put your mind at rest is to hire a Private Investigator. You can start off by looking for some tell-tale signs then if you feel it is necessary move onto the next step and get a professional’s advice.

• Is your partner more defensive than normal – do they over-react to simple questions such as “what time will you be home?” or “what did you have for lunch today?”. They will often turn the question around to make you feel guilty for checking up on them and change the subject. by saying things like “I’m sick of getting questions when I come home, don’t you trust me?”.

• Behaving oddly or differently to normal. Talking about someone too much – a colleague at work or a friend you both know. This means they are on their thoughts all the time. They may put them down and try to flatter you by mentioning something this other person has done.

• Changing routines, suddenly working late regularly and out of reach more than usual.

• Your partner always has their cellphone handy and does not leave it lying around where you may see it. They are secretive when taking incoming calls and may leave the room or turn away.

• Business Trip – a last minute trip where they “have” to go away and have no idea where they are staying and cannot be contacted. Being evasive rings alarm bells, and you are entitled to call their work and confirm the trip – you could say your partner has forgotten to leave contact details for you and did they know them. If it is a legitimate business trip they will know.

We hope these warning signs are useful to you, just remember that whether or not your partner is cheating on you, guilt and suspicion can ruin your relationship.

If you are worried about your partner’s behavior we can investigate discreetly for you. Contact us for more information.


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